General FAQs

  • What is a Ferawa wedsite?

    Yes, its WED-SITE, short for “Wedding Website” and can be a unique memoir of your love that you get to share with your family and friends. A Ferawa wedsite is a personalized website for engaged couples dedicated to helping them organize their wedding details and keep guests informed. It communicates dates, time, locations (map inclusive), amongst other great features and it saves costs on paper invitations as well as phone calls. Each wedding website is different, because every couple is unique.

  • How long can I have my Ferawa Wedsite for?

    There is a yearly subscription so all sites are valid for a year from your first payment. Your wedsites can also be transformed into a family website that will include other precious family events, announcements and activities. Contact us for more information

  • Can I change my domain name after creation?

    We do not let you manually change your domain name unfortunately; but if you really need to, get in touch with us and we will help with this... but for a little token. *winks*

  • Can I change my design even after I have published?

    Sure, you can! All you have to do is choose another theme from your dashboard. Not to worry, all work done is saved, so you are not starting all over!

  • Can I upload videos?

    Yes, you can for some themes! So choose wisely! :)

  • How does the map work?

    All we need you to do is give us a specific address. Ferawa wedsite’s are automatically integrated with Google Maps. You confirm the location, and boom, you can share with loved ones. This saves you endless calls from people asking for directions.

Features and Benefits

  • Have your wedding details in one place

    Provide all relevant details that your guests need to know prior to the event and this way, your guests find it easy to get the necessary information. Well, probably except for the folks who’ll still call for details, we all know those type of people.

  • Share love story with guests

    Share those romantic, goofy, happy or any other details you want your guests to know about you as a couple. We are also pretty sure, they are dying to know how you met.

  • Manage guests and accepted invitations

    You don’t want to plan for 500 guests and 2000 show up. The Jollof rice has to be enough.

  • Manage your Guest Book

    Make friends, family and well-wishers part of your big day, by sending goodwill messages. The love and motivation before during and after your big day is priceless.

  • Save costs and reduce stress

    Ferawa wedsites help save costs and stress on delivering wedding invitations so you can either complement them or replace them all together. With the vendor and guest management features, you also reduce stress and save costs in communicating with vendors and guests.

  • Introduce the wedding party

    Even within the same city, there is very little time to get your entire bridal party all in one room for an introduction ahead of the big day. Now he is dying to meet her (Thank us later).

  • Upload your wedding gallery

    You know how loved ones have to come to your house to see all the beautiful memories from your wedding? Well they still can or they can see it anytime they want on your Ferawa wedsite.


  • Is there an option to password-protect my wedsite?

    Yes, there is and you can change this at any time. This way, only loved ones with the password you share with them have access to your wedsite.

  • I do not want my website to come up on Google searches

    That is a no brainer, just turn off “internet search options” when publishing your wedsite. Even after you publish, you can still do this by clicking “edit” and republish, but this time, do not forget to turn off “internet search options”. Password-protected Ferawa wedsites do not appear on Google searches by default.